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FPACC: Candidates Forum, Development Updates, FPACC Election

Finksburg Planning and Citizens' Council Inc.
General Membership Meeting

Who: All residents of Finksburg and its environs are invited
When: April 24, 2014, 7 PM
Where: Finksburg Branch Carroll County Public Library

Commissioner Candidates Forum May 22, 2014:
FPACC will be hosting a Commissioner Candidates forum for the three republican candidates running for County Commissioner for our district (#2). This is an incredible opportunity to meet our three candidates in a small intimate setting. candidates/gen_Listings_2014_1__by_county_07.html
As there are no candidates running from another political party, the election for our commissioner will be decided in the primary election. The primary election is June 24, 2014. Early voting is June 12-19, 2014 at the Westminster Senior Center.

FPACC Meeting April 24, 2014:
We will meet to discuss recent developments on local zoning changes, the master plan, the candiates forum and to have the 2014 FPACC election.

FPACC Meeting March 2014:
We met to discuss recent developments on local zoning changes, the master plan, and to finalize the list of candidates for the 2014 FPACC election of officers.

FPACC Election:
At the February general membership meeting the Nominating Committee was announced. At the March Meeting the list of candidates was announced. The election takes place at the April Meeting.

Membership Dues:
A reminder that itís time to pay 2014 membership dues. To join or renew with our group, it only costs $10 per family and $25 for businesses. We accept online payments and checks. Please use the membership page. Business members are welcome to schedule a short presentation about their business at a general membership meeting. Thanks for your help and support.

The Winery, Country Inn, and Farm at Cold Saturday:
The development plan was reviewed at the Technical Review Committee meeting on Monday March 24, 2014 in Rooms 003 and 004 (Reagan Room) of the County Office Building, 225 N. Center Street, Westminster, Maryland. The developer or their representative was available at the meeting to address any questions concerning the project.

Master Plan for Carroll County, Proposed Employment Campus on Gerstell Property: More Information
The 2014 Carroll County Master Plan is currently underway. The timing of the updated 2010 County Master Plan was to have a staff draft complete by the end of the 2013 calendar year and an adopted plan by the end of 2014. Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are held in Room 003 of the County Office Building, 225 North Center Street, Westminster, Maryland.
At the March 5th, 2014 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting the current staff draft of the land use section was presented. Many new and updated land use designations were presented, although specifics were not shared. Of note to the Finksburg area is the new land use designation of Employment Campus that has been proposed for the Gerstell Academy property. Other smaller proposed land use changes were not easily determined as only county wide maps were presented. Staff emphasized that this plan is only a draft.

Rezoning request #220 for property at Old Gamber Rd and Gamber Rd (MD 91). The January 23, 2014 meeting was a community meeting to discuss this zoning change. A large crowd was present to discuss this topic. They included many residents from the neighborhood of the property as well as the property owner, Brian DiMaggio.
The board of county commissioners voted 4 to 1 to approve the zoning change at their open session meeting Thursday, December 19th at 1:30 PM, in Room 311 of the county office building. Only commissioner Shoemaker voted against the change. This is contrary to the unanimous decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission recommending to deny the change.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the owner of the property will not take any action for a month, in case the decision is appealed. According to the County Attorney, "An appeal would need to be filed within 30 days of the Board's written decision (Jan 23, 2014) to the Circuit Court for Carroll County. The appeal will result in a Court review of the evidence presented to the Commissioners and entails the preparation of legal memoranda and oral argument before the Judge."A Petition for Judicial Review (an appeal) was filed in the Circuit Court of Carroll County on 2/11/2014, Case # C-14-65779.

This was On the Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda for 10/15/13. At this meeting, the P&Z board voted unanimously to recommend to the Board of Commissioners Not to change the zoning, as they found no evidence that a mistake was made. The zoning change petition will next be considered by the commissioners, after a public hearing. This was introduced at the November 21, 2013 Board Of Commissioners meeting at 1:30 PM in the County Office building.

The owner of the site previously approved for an auto repair facility at this location has requested a zoning change from BNR (neighborhood business) to BG (business general). A BG zone would allow for a larger facility to be built or many other different business uses. This was "introduced" at the 9/17/13 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and was listed incorrectly on the agenda as "Emory Rd and Old Gamber Rd".

Click for: Zoning Request Map Site Survey

Eline Funeral Home Project:
A funeral home is planned for the corner of MD Route 91 and Bloom Road. The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed and approved, with minor changes, the final site plan at their 2/18/14 meeting.

Verizon Cell Tower and Compound:
A Verizon cell site tower and compound is planned near the corner of Deer Park Rd and Don Ave. The Technical Review Committee (TRC) reviewed the project on Mon. 2/24/14 at 9:00 am in Rm. 003 of the County Office Building. The TRC identified several minor issues that need to be addressed, including grading and width of access road (18' or request variance). The engineer indicated he hoped to be on the P&Z Commission agenda for March. Their target for construction is this summer. One neighbor appeared with concerns about trees and fencing.

Finksburg Corridor Plan - APPROVED 8/29/2013: ( More Information)
At the 9/17/2013 planning and zoning commission meeting a discussion was held about implementation of the Finksburg Plan. The first step may be the rezoning of the above mentioned parcel and many others. See the Proposed Rezoning Maps.
The Finksburg Corridor Plan has taken over 10 years to complete. There have been numerous changes, starts and stops along the way. The incredible journey and timeline of this plan is documented here.

Finksburg Dunkin Donuts:
The long anticipated Dunkin Donuts project on MD 140 was on the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda November 19, 2013 for Concept Plan Review in the Regan Room in the County Office Building. This is not final plan approval.

MD 140 Bridge at Baltimore County Line, Set For 2 Year Repair:
The $7 million Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) bridge rehabilitation project includes replacing the deck (driving surface) and supporting steel beams and widening the shoulders of the MD 140 Bridge over the North Branch of the Patapsco River (Liberty Reservoir). Beginning early spring and continuing through fall 2014, the bridge will be reduced from four to three lanes, one of which will be a reversible lane carrying traffic towards Baltimore during the morning rush hour and towards Westminster during the evening rush hour and weekends. Nov 2013 Announcement.

54,000 vehicles cross this bridge daily in and out of Finksburg. Traffic will be impacted for an estimated two years! Construction is to start in the fall of 2013 Spring 2014 (updated) and should be complete by Spring 2015? See the following for more details:

We have added a blog to our web site. The blog is a great way for us to communicate and discuss topics of interest. Check it out and participate.

Attention Finksburg Residents and Businesses!
A gateway tax credit has been enacted for the Maryland Route 140 Corridor through Finksburg from the Baltimore County line. This proposal is important to the future development of the Finksburg Community. FPACC is a strong proponent of a Gateway Renovation Tax Credit. In a letter addressed to Lawrence (Larry) F. Twele, Director, Carroll County Department of Economic Development, we recommend that the proposed ordinance only be for improvement to existing businesses for facade, layout, signs, etc., that adhere strictly to the design guidelines. Furthermore we strongly urged them to consider the inclusion of the Planning Dept., the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Rt. 140 Design Guidelines. Full Letter. The final approved ordinance was modified from what was originally proposed and addressed some of our concerns.

Be informed!Attend the Next Meeting!


Finksburg Planning And Citizens' Council, Inc. P O Box 70 Finksburg, Maryland 21048


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